Toñín Fernández, a 29-year-old football agent originally from Madrid and currently residing in Coslada, has been deeply involved in the world of player representation and football from a young age. Working at renowned multinational agencies, Toñín has made a name for himself in the industry and since January 2020 has established his own international player agency called «Transfer Football Management,» based in Madrid.

As a young entrepreneur with a constant drive for improvement and ambition, Toñín’s passion for football has led him to embark on this venture in a field where he feels comfortable. He extensively travels, visiting clubs throughout Europe to understand their working methods and the specific player profiles they seek and need. Collaborating with both clubs and players, Toñín’s main goal is to create new market opportunities for the footballers he represents.

One of Toñín’s key skills is talent identification. His meticulous and detailed approach, combined with his firsthand knowledge of clubs’ needs and requirements acquired through personal experiences and travels, gives him a deep insight into what the market demands. This translates into a high success rate in signing and representing footballers, as the groundwork done throughout the year with the clubs increases the likelihood of fruitful collaborations.

When Toñín identifies a player that the market (clubs) requires, he signs and manages their career for at least two years, with the ultimate goal of reaching professional football. It is important to highlight that Toñín has successfully guided careers that were previously limited to the fifth tier (TERCERA RFEF) in Spain, propelling players to the highest level, such as the case of Luiyi de Lucas, who experienced a notable transition to the Scottish Premiership. In just a couple of years, Luiyi went from having no market value (€0) to having a value of €300,000 according to Transfermarkt, and even received a call-up to the national team of the Dominican Republic.

Achieving these kinds of signings requires extensive contact and communication with clubs, as evidenced by a year-long contact with Livingston FC in Scotland to secure Luiyi’s transfer. Toñín provided maximum information about the player to establish credibility and a strong relationship with the club, which ultimately resulted in their preference for his client over others.

Another notable success is that of Maissa Fall, a Senegalese player who managed to become a professional in Poland. Previously, Fall had only played in non-professional leagues such as the Tercera División and Segunda B in Spain. Toñín’s goal is not only to secure contracts for his players but also to find the best environment for their professional growth. This aspect represents the true challenge: ensuring that players reach their full potential in a professional context.

As each season comes to an end, Toñín holds strategic meetings with the players to assess their performance and determine the markets to target in the upcoming transfer windows. A thorough evaluation is conducted, considering the progress of the current season and the individual circumstances of each player. By charting the path forward, Toñín provides his players with security and confidence, ensuring that everyone works together as a team. It is worth noting that Toñín’s focus is not only on working with footballers but also on fostering personal connections, avoiding the stereotype of a commission-based business and the negative reputation that often surrounds agents and representation.

One of the standout policies of Toñín’s agency is the absence of player recruitment through material purchases or gifts. Their aim is to avoid superficial relationships based on self-interest. Instead, they provide their players with essential tools and services to help them develop as genuine and valuable professionals

. For Toñín, it’s not a pair of football boots that will change a player’s career, but a holistic approach that includes personalized nutrition and a management strategy tailored to the individual needs of each footballer.

Toñín Fernández’s journey in the world of football representation showcases his determination, experience, and commitment to helping players reach their full potential. As he continues to make a significant mark at a young age, his dedication to fair and personalized management makes a difference in an industry often associated with controversy.

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