Title: «Vergil Vergilov: From the Heart of Bulgaria to the Stages of London and Madrid»

In a fascinating journey from Bulgarian roots to the vibrant stages of London and Madrid, Vergil Vergilov has conquered multiple facets of his life, from animation to theater, directing, and business management.

Born on January 21, 2000, in Razgrad, Bulgaria, Vergilov moved to Spain at the age of 4. He grew up in Burgos, attending the Saldaña Catholic school. Being Turkish-Bulgarian, his passion for acting and love for Shakespeare emerged in childhood, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

At the age of 15, the Vergilov family moved to London, where Vergil began studying Digital Media Animation and Production at Conel College. His short film «The Sheep and the Shepherd» stood out, winning several awards at the age of 16 and marking the start of a promising career.

As a passionate actor, Vergilov decided to refine his on-camera skills, privately studying Front of Camera Acting at ei.actingacademy with the renowned Turkish teacher Dr. Eva Elif Iskender.

Vergilov is not only a talented actor but also an outstanding student, graduating in Business Management from Arden University. His mixologist side is revealed, anticipating the opening of his own cocktail bar in London and Madrid next year.

This summer, he received an offer to be an assistant director, merging his love for acting and fascination «behind the camera.»

In an exclusive interview, Vergilov shares his unique perspective on acting and life: «Acting is a competitive industry that requires observation skills and flexibility. My latest short film conveyed a powerful message about life, inspiring me to look from various perspectives.»

Emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, Vergilov advises young actors: «Identify your strengths, highlight them, and work on your weaknesses. Respect and discipline are key to success.»

With exciting projects on the horizon, including a commercial and a romantic comedy, Vergil Vergilov emerges as a rising force, committed not only to his career but also to guiding the new generation of actors toward authenticity and excellence.

Artistic Success on Various Fronts

In the vibrant entertainment world, I proudly highlight my involvement in diverse projects that have achieved significant milestones. Here are some of my notable credits:

  1. «Mockery» (Year 2022)
  • Type: Short Film
  • Company: FMM
  • A cinematic journey capturing the essence of irony.
  1. «La Vida de Mahdi» (Year 2022)
  • A fascinating project offering a unique perspective on Mahdi’s life.
  1. «Happy New Year» (Year 2023)
  • Type: Play
  • Assistant Director
  • Company: EIAA and Theatre
  • Let’s celebrate the new year with this emotional play, where I played a crucial role as an assistant director.
  1. «Edwin Holiday» (Commercial – August 2024)
  • Type: Commercial
  • Role: Actor
  • Company: Edwin Holiday
  • Immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays with this commercial that came to life in August 2024, where I had the privilege of portraying the main character.

Each project represents a significant step in my artistic journey, reflecting my dedication and versatility in the entertainment world.

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