Title: From Quillota to the Stages of Mexico: The Comic Rise of a Chilean Talent

December 15, 2023

Quillota, Chile. In the quiet streets of Quillota, a city in the fifth region of Chile, a talent was born that now shines on the stages of Mexico. With a childhood marked by laughter thanks to Mr. Bean VHS tapes, this Chilean comedian has become a sensation in the stand-up scene.

His comedic journey began in adolescence when, with his first phone, he spent his balance on SMS jokes. At the age of 13, he took his first steps in comedic magic, performing over 300 shows at events such as baptisms, weddings, and children’s birthdays until the age of 19.

The pandemic temporarily halted his rise in Chile, leading him to Mexico in search of new opportunities. After two years, he has participated in three of the country’s most important festivals, with the goal of one day stepping onto the stage of the fifth Vergara in his hometown.

With challenging beginnings in the province, where comedy was concentrated in the capital, this talented comedian frequently traveled, investing everything to prove his worth. Ten years later, he has left behind children’s birthdays to perform in large theaters alongside comedians he admired as a child.

His philosophy is simple but powerful: knock on every possible door because he believes that at least one will open. With a sitcom in the works for streaming platforms and a dramatic film in development, he seeks to explore new horizons in comedy.

A lover of leaving a message behind his jokes, this comedian not only seeks laughter but also wants the audience to reflect when they return home. From a lonely and introverted child, he now finds his comedic voice in front of thousands, convinced that pursuing dreams gives meaning to life.

Coming from a hardworking family, this comedian challenges the norm by aspiring to more than just sacrificing for a university education. He wants his nieces and nephews to see that following dreams is possible, regardless of the academic path.

With two years of testing his humor in English, this comedian believes that laughter can transcend borders. His goal is simple but ambitious: to make as many people as possible laugh, carrying with him the Chilean humor that saw him grow up in Quillota.

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