Currently, there are a great number of artists dedicated to tattooing. However, few people know who is behind this art. Natalia Magdaleno, known as Alynana, is a tattoo artist with over 6 years of experience specializing in the «Miniature Illustration» technique, a unique style that combines the cuteness of a cartoon with fine lines and new oriental trends.

When asked about her creative process, she said: «I take my time to carefully listen to my clients’ ideas and work together to achieve amazing results.» She tells us that she draws inspiration from the nature around her and uses it to create beautiful works of art.

Originally from Mexico, in the last year Alynana participated in three national tattoo conventions, winning fourth place in two categories («Full color» and «New trends») in the last two. Additionally, she is sponsored by three important tattoo-related brands: Radiant Colors (USA), Balm Tattoo (Spain), and Emalla (China).

Alynana dreams of bringing her work to many more women around the world to tell their personal stories and create beautiful, everlasting memories tattooed on their skin. Her greatest appeal has been how she gives her clients delicate, sweet, and emotional illustrations that range from family themes to the departure of a loved one. «I try to stay true to my Mexican culture and heritage, but I also seek to innovate and create unique works for my clients,» she assures.

From her beginnings until now, Alynana has enjoyed beautiful growth thanks to her clients, who allow her to work doing what she loves every day. If you’re interested in her work, you can find her on Instagram as @alynanatattoos.

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