Actor Sergio María: From Spanish Screens to Starring in «Obayifo 2», an Ambitious and Surprising Hispano-Mexican Coproduction

Madrid, Spain – Spanish actor Sergio María, whose career has experienced a meteoric rise since its inception in 2019, now embarks on his most challenging project to date: starring in «Obayifo 2», a road horror film directed by Paco Arasanz and co-produced alongside Mexican Héctor Rodríguez. With its worldwide premiere scheduled for late 2024, this Spain-Mexico coproduction promises to propel María to a new level of international recognition.

«Obayifo 2» tells the story of a film director, portrayed by Sergio María, obsessed with creating a movie about a demonic invocation. The plot unfolds in a thrilling journey that tests the boundaries of reality and fiction, promising to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In addition to this starring role, Sergio María has captured the attention of both the public and critics with his performance in «El Establo», a short film nominated for the 2024 Goya Awards by the Spanish Film Academy and also nominated for the Forqué Awards. This thriller, with a western aesthetic, has been described as a provocative work where María plays a farmer who kidnaps and tortures two politicians from opposing sides during a devastating global drought. «El Establo» has already been acclaimed on the Spanish Television web platform and is expected to be available soon on other streaming platforms.

Since beginning his acting training in Madrid, María has demonstrated exceptional talent and impressive versatility. His presence in highly acclaimed Spanish television series such as «La que se Avecina», «Memento Mori», «Entre Tierras», «Cúentame como pasó», and his participation in films such as «El Hogar», «Don’t Look into Their Eyes», and Woody Allen’s «Rifkin´s Festival», have established María as one of the most promising actors of his generation.

With «Obayifo 2», Sergio María not only solidifies his position in Spanish cinema but also marks his debut in the Latin American market, a transition that, according to critics, is destined to further enhance his already impressive career.

To learn more about Sergio María and follow his upcoming projects, visit his official website at or follow him on Instagram @sergiomaria_.

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The Spanish and international film industry eagerly awaits the release of «Obayifo 2», as well as the future of this talented actor whose brilliance is just beginning to shine in the cinematic firmament.

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