Dr. Erick Piskulich, a specialist in Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy at the Avendaño Clinic, who has 112,000 followers on Instagram, has the goal of raising awareness and putting a stop to what he calls «the other pandemic»: overweight and obesity.

Misconceptions suggest that this surgery is the quickest way to achieve a slender body, which is false according to Dr. Piskulich. This technique involves removing up to 2/3 of the stomach, making it an irreversible bariatric procedure. Some patients are not candidates for it due to suffering from reflux or acid after the operation.

To avoid side effects, the Doctor explained several recommendations for this procedure and debunks myths such as:

«After the surgery, your hair falls out and won’t grow back.» Hair loss is temporary between the third and seventh month. And the hair loss will stop when you balance your weight.

«I won’t drink carbonated beverages again.» It is suggested not to consume them because they help to increase the size of the stomach in the long run. If the stomach continues to grow and you fill it with junk food, you will gain weight.

Through videos, the doctor clarifies how the recovery process should be carried out after this operation to make it a success.

First: do not stand up suddenly. After the operation, your heart is not used to the change in size that your body has undergone, which is why it will struggle to pump blood to reach the heart. If you get up too quickly, you are likely to feel dizzy.

Second: do not take whole pills. As the stomach is smaller and newly cut, you need to protect it so that it works more and does not open.

Third: do not use postoperative girdles. They are only used in plastic surgeries.

This is how the influencer seeks to educate young people by warning about lies about diets and fraudulent products that promise to lose weight through his account @dr.piskulich.

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