Dr. Goretti Robles is a Mexican dentist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who has managed to combine her two passions: the world of beauty and medicine. From a young age, Dr. Robles showed her love for dentistry and crafts, in addition to standing out for her excellent academic performance.

At 16, she began modeling in her hometown and at 18, she moved to Mexico City to continue her modeling career. However, she decided that she wanted a degree and enrolled at the University of Guadalajara, a well-known Mexican university for its demanding academic level in medicine-related careers. During her university career, she continued modeling to pay for her studies and had the opportunity to participate in beauty pageants, such as Nuestra Belleza Mexico, where she represented her state.

It was during this stage that she began to see how she could transform people’s appearance through dentistry and facial harmonization. After finishing her degree in Dentistry, she enrolled in a Master’s program in Brazil, a country pioneering in health and beauty techniques. During her stay in Brazil, the doctor acquired advanced knowledge in orofacial anatomy, which allowed her to thoroughly understand the bone, muscle, vascular, and nervous structure of the face to perform techniques safely and effectively.

Back in Mexico, she began practicing on her friends and family, and soon she had a waiting list for her treatments, thanks to her ability to achieve drastic and natural changes at the same time. Her 13 years of experience in the world of beauty allowed her to develop a trained eye to detect the proportions of the face and know what is attractive and aesthetic.

In addition to smile design, Dr. Robles specializes in facial harmonization, a technique she uses to improve the appearance and life of her patients. For her, a beautiful smile is fundamental to opening doors, illuminating the face, and giving people confidence.

Currently, she resides in Puerto Vallarta, a highly visited tourist destination by Americans and Canadians, where she attends to local and foreign patients. Dr. Robles is an example of how passion, perseverance, and dedication can lead to achieving great goals, and a pride for Mexican dentistry.

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