Raúl de Vena has always been passionate about sports and nutrition, he first graduated as a Technician in physical and sports activities and later studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the UEM. It was there where he was awarded with a soccer scholarship and went to the United States to study. There, he completed a master’s degree in nutrition and received awards such as the T.A.F.A.A.D and the C.A.F.Y.D. 

Although he was not the best student at school, he has managed to be very disciplined at the university, since he managed to put all his effort into what he was really passionate about: training and nutrition.

At the beginning he was dedicated to help young people to improve in the gym, but as he gained experience and knowledge he became interested in hormonal issues and focused on learning everything about it. He became a reference in social media and specializes in helping mostly women with inflammatory body conditions such as fibromyalgia, intestinal diseases, hypothyroidism and menopause with a technique called Intermittent Fasting. 

«I love to see how people who were told by their own doctors that they can only medicate themselves to feel good or that they will not be able to lose weight, try my method and end up fascinated in less than a week,» says De Vena. 

One of his techniques is the 19-day challenge, with which in a few days he was able to achieve brutal aesthetic changes and to lower doses of medications such as Eutirox (medication for hypothyroidism). Raul says «it is impressive what can be achieved with my method of intermittent fasting and anti-inflammatory diet». His greatest satisfaction is to see how the treatment brings them back to life, «their thanks are my daily smile. I am happy because of it,» he says. 

Are you interested in his work? You can find more information on his Instagram @rauldevena.

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