This is the incredible story of David González Guerra, a man born in Guadalajara, Mexico, half Spanish and half Mexican. He has had a life of achievements, from academic successes to his successful fitness company.

David studied Nutrition at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and also certified as a specialized trainer in sports and body transformation. His training led him to work with extremely talented professional athletes in areas such as UFC, PGA, Mexican soccer, Olympic weightlifters, and TV stars. He was also a professional mixed martial arts fighter with 5 victories.

His achievements did not stop there: Gente Bien, Jalisco, Chic Magazine, ESPN, and various websites such as have highlighted his work giving interviews and making him part of scientific articles published by G-SE. He also had the opportunity to appear on the “40 principales” (a powerful radio station) and Canal 13 (a TV channel).

Throughout these years, he has certified nutritionists and trainers in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama to form a true educational army that instills his ideas about the world of fitness around the world.

More than seven years ago, he founded the Core Method, which is now one of the largest fitness companies in Latin America. His method is practical, inspired by healthy fat loss to build toned and pleasantly healthy bodies with an ultimate goal: to create longevity without sacrificing quality or physical beauty. The company has detailed digital programs to help 30,000 people around the world, in addition to developing a mobile application and several complementary products designed to keep the fitness philosophy alive in the end consumer.

Finally, is important to mention the amazing community that grew during this period initiated more than 10 years ago – which reached up to 1 million – along with the visionary ideas shared by David Gonzalez Guerra: an exceptionally inspiring example for all those willing to embark on a journey towards the future characterized by personal commitment, thus discovering who you are really capable of being.

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