Are you curious about space travel, or wondering what it would be like to go to space? For Inami Noriaki, a 46-year-old from Aichi Prefecture in Japan, this dream is about to become reality. Not only will he soon embark on a trip provided by U.S. space travel company Virgin Galactic, but he will also become the first disabled person ever to go to space – with a prosthetic leg!

Who is Inami Noriaki?

Even if Noriaki is now the CEO of  a space venture, he used to be an ordinary salaryman who worked for a consulting firm in Tokyo, which is just another reason to admire his great passion for what he does and ambition to change the world. His fascination with space began at an early age when he saw Halley’s Comet and went on to study astrophysics at Nagoya University. He had saved up enough money, so in 2005 he applied for the Virgin Galactic expedition. Unfortunately there were delays and setbacks and his flight was postponed for several years, but eventually it was rescheduled for 2024… Just a year away!

Preparing for Takeoff

In preparation for his flight, Noriaki has undergone 6G gravity acceleration training and experienced weightlessness in an airplane. He is now eagerly awaiting takeoff and excited about seeing Earth from above! With all the anticipation building up around this momentous occasion, Noriaki has been staying positive and focused by interacting with other travelers who share his passion for space exploration.

Beyond the Everyday Life

On his three hour roundtrip journey into outer space, Noriaki looks forward to four minutes of weightless floating while viewing Earth from afar. He hopes that by being the first disabled person ever to make this incredible voyage, more people will feel empowered to pursue their dreams – including those whose disabilities may have previously held them back.  Ultimately he aims to encourage others by using his experience as a platform for sharing messages about world peace. With such lofty ambitions, we are sure that taking off into space will be just one of many milestone achievements yet to come!

For more updates on Inami Noriaki’s journey as a space traveler and advocate for world peace, we recommend following his Instagram page: @noriaki_inami_future_astronaut. Here, he shares photos, videos, and news about his preparations for takeoff. By following his journey, you can stay up-to-date and inspired as he breaks down barriers and makes history in the world of space exploration.

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