Finding resources to help us understand how to manage our money and improve our financial situation can be complicated. Fortunately, Mario Ruiz is here to help us navigate this financial world.

Through his platform, Mario offers easy-to-understand and practical financial education. From small money-saving tips to smart investing advice, Mario has covered a wide range of financial topics to help his over 3 million followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Mario’s success as a financial influencer is due to his ability to make complex financial concepts accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous experience on the subject. His content is designed to be simple and entertaining, making it appealing to a broad and diverse audience.

At only 25 years old, Mario has demonstrated that age is not an obstacle to becoming a finance expert. From a young age, his interest in finance led him to study the subject in depth and today he shares his knowledge with others through his platform. From claiming bank commission refunds for abusive conditions, to tips that will help you avoid being scammed by big companies, you can find numerous useful tips. Here are some examples:

Amazon says if you’re offered a guaranteed delivery date and they fail, you can get a refund on shipping costs and they may also offer compensation for the delay. In Nike, if shoes have a flaw, the return warranty is not 60 days, but 2 years plus a gift card to buy new ones. If the airline throws you off your flight for overbooking

At a time when people are becoming increasingly interested in their personal finances, it is important to have access to reliable and accessible resources that help us make informed decisions. If you’re looking to improve your finances and learn in a simple way, @SocialMario is a resource you definitely should consider. Visit his YouTube channel,,  or social media accounts, @soysocialmario on Instagram and @socialmario on Tik Tok,  to start improving your finances today!

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