In an emotional interview with Ángel de Brito on LAM (América TV), Silvina Luna opened her heart and shared details about her health and desires for the future. The renowned model revealed that she is awaiting a kidney transplant to address a bacteria-related issue.

Currently, Luna undergoes dialysis to continue with her life while waiting for the transplant. Despite the challenges she faces, the model remains positive thanks to the unconditional support of her brother and close friends. «My brother is essential, and my friends are always by my side. I enjoy those moments when I feel well and can go out for a coffee without feeling pain,» Luna shared during the interview.

Moving everyone present, Silvina Luna added, «I ask my friends to come to my house and share moments since I can’t go out. But love and faith are what sustain me on the days when I can’t go on. I visualize that I will be transplanted and I will be able to regain my life. I will regain it, although it won’t be the same.»

In addition to discussing her health and recovery process, Luna addressed the topic of starting a family and having children. With an emotional voice, she confessed, «Over the years, the desire to start a family has awakened in me. I’ve always been a bit like Susanita, but it hasn’t translated into my romantic relationships.»

Finally, Silvina Luna revealed with excitement, «Sometimes I dream of being able to have a baby or adopt a child after my transplant and give back the love that is given to me to someone else.»

Regarding the rumors circulating about her health and the need for an urgent transplant, the model clarified the situation. «I am going through a profound process where I try to stay well, but there are many things I am facing. It has been said that I needed an urgent transplant, but that is not true,» Luna affirmed.

Furthermore, Silvina Luna explained that, before the transplant, she must address an additional health issue related to a bacteria she has been dealing with for a year. Until this problem is resolved, the transplant is not considered urgent but rather a goal to achieve.

Silvina Luna continues to inspire everyone with her strength and positive attitude in the face of challenges. Despite the difficulties, she maintains hope of recovering her health and achieving her dreams, including becoming a mother.

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