Serena Chavez achieved a great milestone by obtaining her international certification as an IBCLC lactation consultant in December 2022. This mother of two daughters has helped over a thousand breastfeeding mothers with personalized courses and consultations, and has specialized in lactation while breastfeeding her second baby during the immediate postpartum period. In addition, she holds multiple certifications and specializations in lactation, weaning, ankyloglossia, complementary feeding, and pediatric nutrition.

Her dedication and perseverance are an inspiring example for those seeking to achieve their goals no matter the adversities that may arise along the way. With her experience and knowledge, Serena Chávez is a valuable source of help for breastfeeding mothers seeking guidance and support in this important aspect of motherhood.

Serena Chávez’s story reminds us that with willpower and perseverance, great achievements can be reached. We congratulate Serena for her success in obtaining this important international certification in the field of lactation. Her dedication is an inspiring example for all those who seek to better themselves every day.

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