Sausan Saker is one of the most renowned professional organizers in Panama, with over 200 organizational service projects under her belt. Her company, «Panama Closets,» has gained recognition on social media and events throughout the country for their excellent and impeccable work.

But what exactly does the job of a professional organizer entail? Sausan explains: «I believe in the harmony that order brings to spaces and mental health, among many other benefits that order brings. I apply rules like the law of vacuum to maintain order in spaces, and always keep in mind that external order reflects internal order.»

Sausan is not only an expert in organizing spaces, but she is also an Ambassador and influencer for several brands in Latin America. This organization seeks to promote interior design and architecture in Latin America, and Sausan is a great advocate for its mission. «Well-designed and organized spaces not only have a positive impact on our mental health but also on our productivity and creativity,» she comments.

Sausan is a born entrepreneur and knows how to seize opportunities as they arise. Although she started her company in 2017, before the organization topic was a trend, she decided to create an organization blog. «I thought no one would hire my services, so it would remain as an educational blog about organization,» she explains. However, her clients as they began to hire her services, propelled the project.

Sausan focuses on facilitating organization for her clients through the design of furniture that creates functional spaces. To achieve this, Sausan has utilized her experience in Marketing and Advertising, as well as her studies in Visual Merchandiser for stores and brand concepts in Bristol, England. Before starting her space organization firm, she worked for three years at Clarks Latin America as a Visual Merchandiser in the opening of 24 stores in Latin America, and also worked for two years at MNG.

In summary, Sausan Saker is a professional organizer with extensive experience and a great passion for her work. Her company, «Panama Closets,» seeks to promote harmony and mental well-being in the lives of her clients through functional spaces for day-to-day living. And as if this were not enough, Sausan has launched a line of products to facilitate organization for her clients.

If you are interested in her work, you can find her on Instagram as @panamaclosets.

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