As a descendant of a long lineage of agave producers from Arandas (Jalisco), Pablo Lara grew up surrounded by top-quality mezcal called locally "supreme" for its quality characteristics, he was fully aware of the struggle within this sector to satisfy the growing demand responsibly. 
To that end, Pablo created Santanera: an independent brand aimed at reviving sustainable, organic, agricultural practices. Pablo created a manifesto where he points out that he is against the current orientation of the industry that precedes quantity by quality, where the art of making tequila and beer has been supplanted by chemistry.
«Our origin is organic, harmonious and alive, our virtue is patience, that patience of waiting for what time transforms and improves. In each ensemble we pay tribute to those magical five senses where the interpretation returns to the origin, to the infinite”, he maintains.
For Pablo Lara it was very clear, without his own agave it was impossible to reach the quality that they had proposed, he had 2 personal objectives, first, to restore respect to tequila and second, to produce the best distillate in the world, his project took him years since he had to wait the raw material: agave or mezcal as they call it locally, can require up to 9 years of waiting to have the correct maturation, in the particular case of Casa Santanera sustainable methods are used. They have several certifications, among them Kosher and Organic, spoken by the United States, Mexico and the European Union.
This is how his deep love for Mexico inspires Pablo to create an authentic tequila with an obsessive care for the details to which he himself alludes by saying *In the details is God. With its characteristic revolutionary and innovative soul, it intends to rethink the tequila industry and carries out its first organic agave plantations to ensure the aromas and flavors in its distillates.
It is also interesting to note that the Mexican beer Santanera has gone viral on Twitter, after a user shared a photo of its label. It reads: «Sonic maturation: Exposed 26 days to classical music by Mozart».
Despite the funny message, the brewery takes it seriously: «From the fermentation process we expose ourselves to classical music by Mozart 24/7, we have verified that music causes a more dynamic and harmonious movement in the yeast, which it results in the creation of new and better aromas”, they maintain. It is notable how from Santanera they constantly seek to get away from the usual production practices and consider production more as an art, a passion.
Would you like to know more about his work? You can find Pablo on Instagram as @pablosantanera.

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