Caracas, Venezuela – Meet Izamar Mora, a multifaceted individual whose life’s journey is a testament to determination and continuous self-discovery. At 31 years old, she has already made her mark as a Licentiate in Social Communication, a model, and a future Holistic Health Coach, captivating the hearts of many with her inspiring story.

Izamar’s athletic journey began in 2007 when she studied at the esteemed Unidad Talento Deportivo Apure in Venezuela. Starting as an adept chess player, she later transitioned to Karate, becoming a renowned Karate version KATA Shito Ryu athlete. Her exceptional skills led her to numerous national tournaments, where she not only showcased her prowess but also earned recognition as a captain.

As life unfolded, Izamar explored her artistic talents, winning beauty pageants and venturing into the world of television as an anchor and reporter. Social media played a pivotal role, amplifying her influence as an athlete and catapulting her career to new heights. In 2015, she triumphantly returned to the fitness arena, securing regional championships and securing top positions in national competitions.

But Izamar’s aspirations reached beyond the confines of sports and entertainment. A firm believer in holistic well-being, she embarked on a transformative path, pursuing diplomas in Marketing with a specialization in Instagram from the United States. Her journey towards becoming a Holistic Health Coach is now in progress, as she learns to embrace the interconnectedness of nutrition, thoughts, emotions, and energy.

With a profound vision to revolutionize health in her country, Izamar dreams of becoming a beacon of positivity and empowering her fellow Venezuelans to elevate their consciousness and embrace holistic lifestyles. Her passion and determination are sure to inspire countless lives, making her an outstanding professional and a pioneer in the realm of holistic health in Venezuela.

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