Ramón San Román presents «Sponges,» the first cultural project focusing on minors in cases of gender-based violence.

The Madrid-based actor, director, and screenwriter premieres the play «Sponges,» aimed at raising awareness about the origins of gender violence. The lead actors in the play include Lucía Ramos, Carlos Camino, and Ramón San Román himself.

Madrid, December 2023 – Ramón San Román, the director, screenwriter, and actor known for series such as Disney Channel’s «La Gira,» Atresmedia’s «Amar es para siempre,» rtve’s «Acacias 38,» and Caracol TV and Netflix’s «La reina de indias y el conquistador,» presents his cultural project «Sponges.» Originally a short film supporting victims of gender-based violence, it has now transformed into a theatrical production.

The project aims to shed light on the effects of living in violent environments on minors and analyze behaviors, microaggressions, customs, etc. It also questions how contemporary society responds to such situations.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, in 2022, there were 1,376 minors (children, under guardianship, or cohabiting) recorded as victims of gender-based violence, pertaining to cases with precautionary measures or protection orders. In both the short film and now the play, Ramón seeks to depict the potential repetition of violent behavior from one child to another after experiencing gender-based violence at home.

The play premiered on December 9th in Madrid, featuring the director Ramón San Román, actor Carlos Camino, and actress Lucía Ramos, known for her roles in TV series like «Física o Química,» «La que se Avecina,» «Centro Médico,» or «Señor dame paciencia,» among others.

«The imitation plays a crucial role in children’s learning and empathy development. Our mirrors reflect today what our reality will be tomorrow. Hopefully, both the short film and the play help convey the message that violence destroys us, and it is love that builds and unites us all,» states Ramón San Román, director, and actor in the play «Sponges.»

Ramón San Román’s Instagram: @ramonsanroman