Rafael is an information security specialist, internationally recognized for his work as Ethical Hacking and his outstanding career in the digital world. He is the director of MásQueSeguridad and EnfoqueSeguro, two companies associated with the area of ​​prevention and advice on technological security; and MásQueDigital, a pioneer in Web 2.0 Marketing consultancy.
He currently does ethical work as a consultant, as a cybersecurity entrepreneur, and as a specialist in topics such as machine learning, deep learning, big data, and artificial intelligence.
For the coming 2023, Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte points out that the trends will revolve around privacy: its rights, proper management and regulations for its mismanagement, in addition to the use of APIs. “There is also talk of the metaverse and virtual worlds, and it will be a challenge with the issue of cryptos and the regulation against money laundering and terrorist financing,” he said.
“The future of technology and security is in the field of artificial intelligence, security models are going to be increasingly transparent to the user, they are going to be more intelligent in heuristic detections, but the threats will also be stealthier and advanced, so we will see an interesting cybernetic warfare machine against machine, with the weak link of the human factor in the middle”.
On the other hand, Rafael uses social networks to publicize his journey along the path of the Catholic faith and everything that this allowed him to learn. Ask, believe, thank! These were the topics that Trixia Valle addressed during an interview that she held from the Sanctuary of the Virgin Unleashing Knots, in Cancun (Mexico), with businessman Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte, creator of the Healing with Angels account.
Valle asked businessman Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte how he started healing. Rafa commented that since he was little he was related to Buddhism and that, years later, he had a revelation in which he heard a voice telling him that he had to tell a person to forgive (because that lack of forgiveness was causing pain in his bosom). right). At that time, he began to ask for guidance from the priests and to prepare himself to guide others in the process that interested him so much.
“I created a Facebook called Sanando con los ángeles because I wanted to channel the angels towards the Catholic faith and I began to heal as an intercessor because the one who heals is God through us and I made a healing Sunday, people sent their photos and I prayed for people and saw that they were healed, today I have more followers on Instagram, around 300 thousand and we do a Live every Tuesday that is a healing prayer with the laying on of hands”, he said.
Ask for
Trixia Valle brought up the issue of forgiveness, the businessman Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte expressed that there are people who feel ashamed to ask for themselves. "We pray for others, but not for ourselves." He also pointed out that lack of forgiveness and transgressions block healing, so he took advantage of the space to share a prayer with all viewers of the program.
Then the presenter asked the businessman: How do we do so that despite the fact that we are going through difficult things, we continue to believe?
“I think he is attached to practicing faith, prayer, especially charity, because in bad times we have to help others, that's where we also see who we are. Maria Teresa of Calcutta used to say, if you are depressed, go to an orphanage and help, so you can see how everything changes you”. He added that the mind is egocentric and that, many times, we are so immersed in our problems that we forget that others are going through a stronger situation. “…Then here comes the discriminative wisdom, saying, Wow, I was complaining and my problem is now a luxury, when I saw the problem of my neighbor, that is, of my neighbor who is next door”.
He stressed that, by leaving the egocentric mind, "we go to what charity is and that also heals us", especially in the current circumstances that the world is experiencing due to the pandemic.
Rafael stressed that this refers to being satisfied with the present, what you are experiencing at this moment. "Letting go of the past, living in the here and now with those blessings that God gives you without complaining." Then, he gifted another sentence to the audience.
“Lord, I am grateful for my defects, my virtues, I am also especially grateful to my father, my mother, I honor them. I thank you, Lord, for all my ancestors, that thanks to them we are here today. I appreciate the gift of life, which is also very important, sometimes we don't appreciate breathing. Let us also thank you for the tests we are going through, because we know that behind this is your merciful love. So God, thank you, thank you, thank you. We praise you, we bless you."
The businessman then summarized the points raised during the thirty minutes of conversation in this way. “There are four steps, first to recognize that we have some kind of fault (there are people like addicts who do not recognize it). Then ask for forgiveness, Lord, I have sinned against you (many say humiliation, but I like to ask for forgiveness from the bottom of my heart). Then open your mouth and ask for healing. Afterwards, thank you”, expressed the healer with determination.
You want to know more? You can find her book “Healing Guide”, both in Spanish and English, on Amazon and on Instagram as @sanandoconlosangeles.
The Light of the Angels: Healing Guide (Spanish Edition) https://a.co/d/6bCaWXQ 

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