At 7pm in Dubai, an imposing black limousine arrives at The Palazzo Versace of which Dr. Juan Carlos Delgado, his 3 daughters and his wife descend. They walk through the corridors of the palace between photographers and interviews, «these awards make me feel in Hollywood » says Dr. Juan Carlos Delgado told the reporters laughing. 

SN: But how is it that a doctor travels the world and wins awards when that is for successful businessmen or artists? 

Dr Delgado: Plastic surgery is closely linked to art, it is the artistic specialty of medicine, it is also closely linked to bestsellers, show business and more, but I emphasize that our commitment and behavior must be medical.

SN: What countries have you traveled and received these recognitions?

Dr Delgado: It all started with a call I received in 2018 from France, I had just finished performing a live surgery and they told me that they had been following my career, results, testimonials and they wanted me to apply for an important recognition in France, obviously I said yes, the process was long and complex. We went with the expectation and won the top prize BID QUALITY AWARD.  It surprised me that there was no doctor or representative of my country, it was a very emotional moment. From there I got a call from another international medical organization in Mexico, then I went to the United States, Colombia and Ecuador. Now we are here in Dubai and it is a great responsibility.

SN: Why did you win these awards in plastic surgery? 

Dr. Delgado: Basically thanks to the results of my patients, my dedication, the respect I have for them, I am always thinking about their safety and well-being. Another thing is my social network, my posts are very special and I think that is what attracts the most attention. We were also the first ones implementing live surgeries, we can present the results instantly. My social network is like a medical log of my daily life as a Surgeon, when I stop publishing, and everyone cares, that is a fraternity».

SN: We know that you have been called by the government of the United Arab Emirates to be part of their great plastic surgery projects, one of the largest in the world. What do you think about that? 

Dr Delgado: Yes, we are in the process, it is not easy and it takes time, here in Dubai they have one of the largest projects in Plastic Surgery, they want to be leaders worldwide with high technology, large clinics and highly qualified personnel from all over the world, undoubtedly it will be a reference for Plastic Surgery. I am very excited. 

SN: What projects are coming up for Dr. Delgado? 

Dr. Delgado: First I am finishing my clinic in Guayaquil, Clínica Sofía Arte y Medicina, to provide better service, continue updating myself in techniques and technologies for plastic surgery and raising the quality standards in my procedures so that my patients always have the best. 

Do you want to know more about him? You can find him on Instagram as @drjuancarlosdelgado.

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