Diana Bárcena is a nutritionist and entrepreneur who is a pioneer in online meal plans sales in Mexico and Latin America. With her Instagram profile, she started promoting a healthy lifestyle in 2013, before the influencer boom. With over 10 years of experience, Bárcena has focused on promoting conscious nutrition and helping her patients heal from within to achieve long-lasting results.

A graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla in Nutrition and Food Science, Diana Bárcena faced the challenges of practicing her profession in a market that was not yet prepared for online meal plan sales. However, in 2014, she began offering long-distance consultations and online meal plans, attracting her first patients in Spain, Germany, and the United States.

Over time, her Instagram profile became a reference for promoting self-love through nutrition and mindful eating. Her approach focuses on clinical nutrition and functional medicine to achieve sustainable and long-lasting results. With that goal in mind, she founded her high-quality conscious supplements brand, Bárcena Health, in 2015, and opened her healthy restaurant, Dulce Hábito, in 2019.

With over 10 years of experience, Diana is an authority on conscious nutrition in Mexico and Latin America. In addition to her Instagram profile, she hosts the podcast «Si te quieres, te cuidas» (If you love yourself, you take care of yourself), where she shares tips and experiences for leading a healthy life.

Through her focus on conscious nutrition and functional medicine, she has successfully helped her patients heal from within and achieve sustainable and long-lasting results. Her legacy in promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and mindful eating serves as an example for all those seeking to improve their health and well-being. If you’re interested in her work, you can follow her on Instagram @dianabarcena.

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