Good day, Pachin. Thank you for being with us today. Could you tell us how you started your career in social media?

Pachin Sánchez: Sure, I started a little over 10 years ago when I met some friends who were experimenting with social media. I joined them and formed «Los Caballeros,» a group of Mexican and Colombian YouTubers. Since then, we have enjoyed sharing our lives and adventures with our followers.

How would you describe your online content and what do you focus on the most?

I focus on my personal life and adventures, sharing unique moments with my family and wife, whom I like to play pranks on and tease. I also enjoy showcasing the places I have visited in a unique and enjoyable way. My goal is for my followers to feel like another member of my family and learn important values along the way.

How have you managed to balance your career as a lawyer with your career in social media?

I like to dedicate a large part of my time to my professional career as a lawyer, but I also really enjoy creating online content. It’s important to maintain a balance and make sure that each aspect of my life has its proper place.

What has been the highlight of your career in social media?

Being part of «Los Caballeros» has been incredible, and we have won multiple awards and recognitions. It has also been a unique experience to appear in music videos for international artists like Mario Bautista. Additionally, I recently got married, and my wedding was an epic event that brought together numerous artists and content creators.

What message would you give to your followers?

I would like to tell them to follow their dreams and be themselves. It’s always important to keep our values in mind and be authentic in everything we do.

Thank you for your time, Pachin. It was great talking to you and learning more about your career in social media and as a lawyer.

Thank you for having me!

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