In recent weeks, news has been circulating on social media and various media outlets that entrepreneur Pablo Ahumada is planning a project with the famous group RBD. Apparently, the project involves the production of a new music video, in which band members Anahí, Dulce Maria, Christian Chavez, and Christopher Uckermann will participate.

Rumors about this collaboration began circulating after Ahumada shared some images on his Instagram stories in which he appeared on a recording set with the RBD members. The images showed the artists working together and appeared to be very excited.

The news of Anahí’s return to the music scene also increased speculation about what Ahumada and RBD could be planning. In October of last year, a billboard on the World Trade Center revealed that Anahí was back, and fans of the band were excited about the possibility of a reunion.

In light of the expectations generated by this news, some media outlets have approached Pablo Ahumada for an official statement about what is happening. However, the entrepreneur has remained silent and has only commented that it is a «very spicy surprise» that the public will like.

Meanwhile, RBD fans remain on the edge of their seats and eagerly await confirmation of this project that could mean the band’s return to the music scene. It will be interesting to see what Pablo Ahumada and RBD have in store for the public in the coming months.

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