In a world filled with ultra-processed foods and miracle diets that do more harm than good, a pause is in order. Renowned endocrinologist Oscar Rosero teaches us which foods we should avoid and which ones we should eat to avoid health problems and have a better quality of life.
Graduated from the Military University in Colombia, Member of the Colombian Association of Endocrinology and expert in Lifestyles and Fitness, his job is to teach how to eat in a real and Intelligent way in the language of our hormones.
In that sense, tired of the distance between science and real people, he decided to write numerous publications on Metabolism topics. In 2022, he launched his first book aimed at the community, from the intermedio publishing house, called "Meta Alimentación, a guide to well-being". This book has been a success in sales in Latin America in the Spanish-speaking population. It is a complete review of various concepts around the evolution of the relationship between food and health, in other words, a guide to identify, correct and recover metabolism through what we eat daily.
In addition, he developed interesting proposals to help his clients, such as a blog with exclusive weekly content, a real food recipe book for everyone, and daily uploads of content to his networks for tips and queries.
"My role and function is that the listeners of this program understand why food and nutrition are essential to obtain well-being. More than losing weight or curing diseases, the key word is well-being, physical and emotional well-being. If we are what we eat, What do you want to be?" If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @endocrinorosero

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