10 years ago when Nicolas met Ibiza for the first time, he automatically fell in love with the beaches, landscapes, people and magical sunsets that this island offers daily.  He fell so hard that 8 years ago he settled permanently on the island to develop his life and business.

When Nico Just arrived in Ibiza he met Luudmila, his current partner and companion of adventures. Luu, Argentinian like Nico, had already been living in Ibiza for some time. She had always worked in the best clubs and events on the island, which allowed her to develop a network of contacts and allies that over time she was able to capitalize on in her own company. Because both of them had the knowledge in marketing and business development that was required, they decided to open Best Experiences Ibiza.

Best Experiences, is a concierge services company, which sustains its success with personalized attention and advice of its owners. The idea arose after seeing that people who visited the island, lived running and always by the classic tourist circuits. In other words, they were not enjoying  the island as they should. Today in Best Experiences you can find all the services for your vacation: luxury car rental, rent a villa in the most exclusive areas, private transport, VIP access to the best clubs and the organization and catering for private events.

Their obsession for details, their permanent advice and their commercial vision, made BEST grow quickly positioning itself as one of the best alternatives to organize your vacations in Ibiza. Among their clients are different personalities from the world of Argentine soccer and other nationalities, they even organized the catering for Gio Simeone’s wedding as well as other well-known personalities.

«The goal is that they live their dream vacation, that they get to know the island from a different place, that they get the  best experience possible. We put all our experience, knowledge and effort to make it happen,» says Nicolas.

That’s how Best Experiences Real State was born, the owners of the best villas and apartments come to Nicolas with the intention of making the client’s trip, the best experience possible. Nicolas is the one who connects them with potential buyers or investors from different parts of the world. Currently his real estate business unit has more than 20 properties for rent and sale. There are many opportunities that continue to appear thanks to the trust that he forged on the island with both locals and visitors.

Today Luu and Nicolas are no longer alone, they have invited friends and family to settle on the island to form a professional and skilled team to meet the needs of those who trust them. They have their office in the main street vara del Rey 18, 1 floor Ibiza, Spain cap 07800, and continue to enjoy every day and sunsets that this magical island gives just like the first day they arrived.

If you want to know more about his work, you can find him on Instagram as @nicasioz

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