Nati Perea is a well-known Colombian influencer, social communicator, and travel enthusiast with over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. For more than four years, she has been living in Montreal, Canada, where she showcases everything related to immigrating and living in the country.

At 28 years old, Nati has visited 39 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and she defines herself as an adventurous and energetic traveler, always ready to try new things. Unlike other influencers, Nati promotes an authentic and relaxed lifestyle and has gained recognition for providing accurate and easy-to-understand information about the processes of living in Canada.

Recently, Nati launched her new study agency called «Abordonati Studies,» which aims to accompany people who want to study in Canada, regardless of their age or country of origin. Additionally, she offers online workshops called «Molidito,» where experts explain how to homologate and immigrate with their careers to Canada, with great success in editions dedicated to doctors, dentists, psychologists, and veterinarians.

Nati was awarded «Influencer of the Year» at the Latin Awards Canada in January 2023, and her official website is But behind her social media success, there is an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur who, at 18 years old, created her own children’s party business with her mother during a family economic crisis, turning it into one of the leading companies in her city.

In January 2017, Nati met her current Canadian partner in Colombia, and love led her to move to Canada, where she has managed to open her mind, accept and value people for being human, and see that there is indeed a country that works very well. With her project «A bordo Nati,» Nati is building dreams and showcasing all the opportunities that Canada offers to those who dream of immigrating.

In summary, Nati Perea is a Colombian influencer with an inspiring story who promotes an authentic and relaxed life in Canada and offers valuable and easy-to-understand information about the processes of immigrating and studying in the country. Her energy and passion for travel are contagious, and her message of perseverance and overcoming obstacles has resonated with her followers.

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YouTube: (88) A Bordo Nati – YouTube

Spotify: «Fuera de charla» podcast

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