Danny Willy, COPE Palencia’s commercial director, is a well-known figure in the city for his active presence on social media and his side gig as a DJ. But there’s much more to Willy than just his public persona.

Recently, Willy organized a charity event called «Tardeo Solidario,» which aimed to raise funds for local youth programs. The event was a smashing success, with many locals turning up to show their support. It’s clear that Willy cares deeply about Palencia’s growth and development and believes that the city has a bright future ahead of it.

In an interview with Palencia En La Red, Willy expressed his belief that «the best future for COPE, for radio, and for the people of Palencia is for the city to continue to grow.» And he’s not just talking the talk – he’s walking the walk when it comes to giving back to the community.

COPE Palencia recently held a food and baby product drive to support the association RedMadre. The drive was an incredible success, with the station collecting over 150 kilograms of food and baby products. This isn’t the first time that Willy and COPE Palencia have organized charitable events either. Last December they held a Christmas tournament that collected toys for those in need, and in January they organized a charity padel tournament in support of RedMadre.

Willy’s commitment to giving back has not gone unnoticed by Palencia residents who appreciate his efforts to make their city better for everyone. They’ve shown their support by attending his events and contributing generously towards his causes.

But philanthropy isn’t all there is to Danny Willy – he also happens to be an incredibly talented DJ known for playing at various local events and clubs around town. He never misses an opportunity to showcase his musical skills, always looking out new opportunities to entertain crowds.

Willy’s dedication towards making positive changes within his community while entertaining crowds as a DJ has made him one of the most beloved figures in Palencia today. As he continues organizing charity events and entertaining people with music – he remains committed towards creating positive impacts within this beautiful city he calls home.

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