Brands and companies have started organizing many events to attract the public. And who better to help in this task than Antonio Luis Santamaria, affectionately known as Antoñito.

Antonio Luis Santamaria, affectionately known as Antoñito, has a very broad and recognized professional trajectory thanks to his good chemistry, attitude, and strength to see life.

From a very young age, Antonio has dedicated himself to developing events, among which stand out El Palacete de Fortuny, Elite, Vanity (formerly SHABAY), and La Terraza del Bernabéu, as well as Pacha. He is currently the director of a dinner show called PANTHERA and the RUBICON club.

All of this demonstrates that Antonio Luis Santamaria is undoubtedly an ideal ambassador for any company or brand that wants to have the best advisors during their events.

Are you interested? You can find him on Instagram as @aluissantamaria


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