Marcos Sahagún is a financial market analyst. He left architecture to study trading while he was working as a waiter. Now he travels the world, earns thousands of dollars a month and only needs his computer to work. In addition, his experience and knowledge allowed him to create his own academy and help others in their journey in the world of trading.

«Being able to help my family and those in need is the best thing about this profession,» says Marcos. Born in Mar del Plata, he now enjoys the achievements that took so much effort, at 31 years old. The luxurious life he shares on social media is very different from the first stage of his life.

«Feel at home,» he says as we enter his 20th-floor apartment facing the sea in Mar del Plata. «It’s what I always dreamed of,» he tells us as he prepares a coffee. «I always wanted and visualized living in front of the sea, this is my office, that’s why I try to make it a nice place.» It’s a warm place, with a full view of the sea, the sunset painting the home orange, some pictures of the Virgin and a giant dollar picture on the wall.

«Law of attraction,» he says with a smile and pointing to the picture, «I read a lot about the power of visualization and that you have to believe to create. I always thank what I have and everything that will come, first the health of my loved ones and mine, peace, tranquility and then the material things. That is the true power of faith, the law of mentalism, according to the Kybalion, the universe is mental.»

Marcos tells us that today he only needs his computer, his phone and an internet connection. «Thanks to God, I can travel whenever I want, feel that freedom, that feeling of saying ‘I made it,’ it’s amazing.»

On his Instagram @sahatradingfx we can see some of the places he traveled to: Mexico, Dubai, Italy, Spain, and even luxury cruises. Always accompanied by his latest iPhone model. «Many years ago, investing in financial markets was for a few and was done through stock brokers. Today we only need a phone, an app, and a connection.»

The dream of entrepreneurship

«My dad passed away when I was 16, so at 17 I started working while I was studying, to help my mom. I was a driving instructor, worked in a call center, and also as a waiter. He started trading at the same time as his friend and partner, Santiago Amado. They had the idea of finding financial freedom for years. «I had a pet store, I also bought electronics in Buenos Aires and sold them in Mar del Plata. Until my brother gave me a Trading book and since then my life changed forever.»

Marcos continues, «When I finished my work shift at a brewery, I stayed studying Trading, sitting at the bar, reading, analyzing charts, getting into the right mindset and never losing focus, knowing that someday I would achieve it. It was a difficult road, but I never gave up.»

It was a tough road indeed, because you do not know where to start. There is no university career in ‘Trading’ per se. There are many online academies, but they only want you to bring in people and do not really teach how to make money with Trading, the famous Ponzi schemes. It’s not an easy profession, nobody likes to lose money. That’s why you have to study, this is not about betting, it is a profession in which you have to be cold and know how to manage your capital appropriately.’

The teaching vocation

Everything he learned, he was not going to keep it to himself. He had to share it with others. That’s how he gathered everything he learned from different traders plus his own analysis and created his own Trading academy.

‘I summarized everything I learned and what really works, so I can save my students time and money. It took me a long time to find the right path, there is a lot of information and you can end up more confused.’

Today he has over 500 students and clients from all over the world. ‘One of the nicest things about this is the words of gratitude and appreciation from my students and followers. When they show me their earnings or that things are going well and they can get ahead, that’s what’s really beautiful about what I do,’ he continues, ‘I teach my students to grow economically but I also try to generate personal growth, everything has to have balance, if we’re not happy with what we have, we’ll never be happy with more. Everything has to have balance.’

Being grateful

‘I don’t forget my origins and I am always grateful. I thank the universe and especially the Virgin. As a child I saw the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, that’s why I always thank her,’ he confesses, leaving us stunned.

 ‘I was about eight years old and my mother came to wake me up in the middle of the night to show me a light in the kitchen, when I went I saw the image of a virgin, we passed our hand over it, at that moment I didn’t know what virgin it was, my mother took a piece of paper and traced it with a pencil, we didn’t have a camera. As a child I didn’t give much importance to that fact, today as an adult I understand the importance of such an event.’ 

That’s why he travels once a year to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, in gratitude for what has been accomplished. Nevertheless, he confesses that he is not a religious person and does not believe in religion itself; ‘I only thank the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, because I saw her, and the Virgin of Guadalupe.’

That boy who at 27 changed his and his family destiny, never stops dreaming. ‘There are always new goals, one of my goals is to set up a dog shelter in my city,’ he tells us. While he shows us on social media, the different animal shelters in which he collaborates. ‘I love animals, I have 7 dogs.’
Today, Marcos uses his social media to show his lifestyle and his Trading academy. He is a self-taught trader and always shares his experiences, tips, and strategies for success in Trading. He has become a reference for many people who want to start in the world of Trading. Would you like to know him? You can find him on Instagram as @sahatradingfx.

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