Luis Rivas is a multifaceted man who has managed to establish himself in different areas thanks to his tireless search for his true purpose. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Rivas is a software engineer, a master’s degree holder in administration and human resources, and is currently in the process of becoming certified as a life and personal branding coach at the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Throughout his life, he has played various roles such as an administrator in public and private institutions, as well as a business advisor in a sports trading firm with over 28,000 clients across Mexico. However, his true passion lies in the personal and financial development of individuals, which has led him to create content on social media and host the podcast «Mejora el podcast» (Improve the Podcast).

In his podcast, he invites his guests to reflect on different everyday topics and discover the great potential that each individual has to achieve what they set out to do. His goal is to motivate and provide tools for people to pursue their goals and succeed.

Luis’s journey has not been easy. In his youth, he felt that he had not learned enough in university and was desperate to find his vocation. It was then that he started studying finance, administration, human resources, and reading personal motivation books. However, it took several years until Rivas attended a retreat that changed his perspective on life and helped him understand what he was meant to do. His true passion was to accompany people in their personal and financial improvement process.

Today, he understands that many people are unhappy because they lack certain solid foundations such as self-love, self-esteem, personal finances, and relationships. For this reason, he enjoys collaborating with individuals to help them identify areas of opportunity in these aspects. He firmly believes that by improving these areas, our personal ecosystem becomes stronger, enabling us to achieve any goal we set for ourselves.

Rivas believes that improving these aspects is not out of reach; it simply requires introspection to identify what is limiting us. He enjoys sharing with people how to overcome these limitations through discipline, consistency, and a deep understanding of our strengths, or what he calls our «gift».

Currently, he is in the process of certification as a life and personal branding coach at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, a tool that has helped him comprehend and enhance his own life in many aspects. Rivas wants to share his experience and knowledge with others to assist them on their journey towards personal and financial improvement.

In summary, Luis Rivas is a man with a great passion for helping people improve their finances and personal lives. Through his podcast «Mejora el podcast» and his training as a life coach, he aims to inspire and guide individuals towards personal and financial growth.

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