Lili Duque is a woman who has ventured into various fields throughout her life. She began her career in the world of modeling, participating in contests such as Señorita Antioquia and Miss World Colombia, where she managed to position herself as a finalist and among the top 7 finalists, respectively. After this, she decided to focus on her studies and graduated in law with two specializations and two master’s degrees.

Despite her success in the academic world, Lili couldn’t leave her passion for modeling behind and continued working in this field, taking her career to different places around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and France. With time, she decided to change course and try her luck in television, becoming a presenter for several programs and working for 6 years at the news channel «Cable Noticias.»

It was at this channel where Lili discovered her passion for journalism, something she didn’t know she possessed. After her retirement in 2018, she decided to take some time for herself and traveled to Canada to study English. Some time later, she met the love of her life, got married, and later had a child, who became the source of her happiness.

Currently, Lili continues to work as an influencer and attends numerous events, but has decided to dedicate her life to her true love: being a mother. Despite this, she never forgets her passion for journalism and keeps an open mind to new opportunities in this field.

The story of Lili Duque is an example of how life can take you on unexpected paths, but if you follow your passions and keep an open mind, you can discover talents and abilities you never thought you had.

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