LESEL, the Musical Transformation Resonating at 432 Hz

Montevideo, Uruguay — December 6, 2023

Uruguayan pop and electronic music artist and producer Fabián Lago has played a prominent role in the music scene since 2000, contributing his talent to various projects. However, in October 2021, he took a personal and resolute turn towards positivity and authentic expression through music, giving life to the LESEL project.

LESEL is not just a name in the music world; it’s a master of pop and EDM with a distinctive and sentimental touch. What defines LESEL is its unique musical signature: all tracks resonate at 432 Hz, a frequency considered harmonic with the universe, aiming to provide harmony on both physical and emotional levels.

LESEL’s musical journey began with the captivating single «When You Are Gone,» released in October 2021. Since then, each production has been a musical odyssey, from the profound message of «Wake Up» to the vibrant disco essence of «When You Dance.» The pinnacle of this journey was «New Era,» a masterful album released in December 2021, followed by a complete edition in February 2022 with six additional tracks.

LESEL’s transformation flourished in March and April 2022 with acoustic versions of hits like «Meaning of Love» and «Breathing Again,» accompanied by captivating music videos. This project redefined LESEL’s artistic trajectory, paving the way for future masterpieces, such as the acoustic version of «Love That I Want to Keep» in July 2022.

In July 2022, LESEL embarked on a global exploration, traveling to Spain to create his second album. This project captivatingly blends genres, mixing Spanish influences thanks to talented collaborators. Although the lyrics were translated into Spanish, the essence and purpose of the music remained unchanged.

The album «Fusión» was introduced with the single «Siento» on September 9, 2022, featuring the outstanding Spanish artist Carla Meyer. In the following months, six more singles, such as «Tu amor,» «Sin dudar,» and «Suelta el miedo y Paz,» highlighted collaboration with the melodious Spanish singer Cristina Brasero. LESEL continued exploring various styles, from flamenco with El Moro to collaborations with Uruguayan artists like Gimena Rossello.

2023 marked a sonic revelation with LESEL’s concert «Símbolos.» This live show immerses the audience in the harmonic frequencies of 432 Hz, resonating through acoustic notes that touch the soul.

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