Christopher is a therapist and best-selling author who has dedicated his life to decoding the secrets of happiness and sharing them with the world. He began his journey after experiencing a severe depression, paranoia, and anxiety.

His personal story, from pain to triumph, led him to embark on a journey to 20 countries in search of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge scientific research on happiness. Today, his Renacer Method is considered one of the most effective in treating depression and creating sustainable happiness.

This method is different from others because it goes to the root of the problem, finding the deepest pains in a person’s life history and working on emotional release to dissolve the suffering they carry.

The Renacer Method, created by Cris Engel, has become an effective tool in treating depression and creating peace. Its success has impacted over 5,000 people in more than 21 countries.

He is also a renowned speaker who has shared his discoveries in various parts of the world, such as the Chamber of Deputies in Argentina, the World Summit on Political Communication in Spain and Egypt, among others. He is also the author of «The Forbidden Key,» a book that explores the 12 principles of happiness.

Cris also dedicates himself to helping people improve their relationship with money and increase their revenue through his abundance programs. As a therapist, he is an expert in NLP, Reiki, Barrer Access, a yoga teacher, and a Master Happiness Coach.

Currently, he trains therapists in the Renacer Method and helps thousands of people annually create a better life. His focus on emotional release of the deepest pains, healing relationships with parents, and self-love form the basis for anyone to find their own happiness.

Juan Cristóbal’s story is an inspiration for all those seeking to overcome adversity and find happiness in their lives. His fast method and focus on inner transformation make him a worldwide reference in therapy and happiness.

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