Jorge Armando Torres Landa Arciniega has always been passionate about business and commerce, at the age of 14 he was already pursuing his financial independence. 

He is a partner of Grupo Dim, a company focused on housing development, a member of the permanent board of Solidity Group, Farmacias GI franchisee and the owner of Farmacia TORLAN.

He has a degree in Tourism Business Administration and he is a technician in medical agencies. He also has a variety of diplomas in finance and time management.

Apart from all his titles, what stands out the most is that he is a natural leader. He exercises his leadership with humility and perpetual development, always taking into account the advice of his mentors. He points out that success is only the conclusion of an already projected goal, on the other hand, failure is the same as success, only that in this case the objective was not achieved. Looking at Mexican business, Jorge believes that Mexican entrepreneurship should be creativity, diversification and innovation.

«Mexico is a country of opportunities, with a strategic location and hard-working Mexicans, willing to move forward regardless of the color of the party in power». 

After a year of hard work in Grupo Diim, where Jorge is a partner, they were rewarded with the second of their nominations for the national housing award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the best practices in construction, architectural, technological and management techniques applied in housing production processes that raise the standards of habitability, cultural appropriateness, sustainability, affordability, accessibility (by design and cost), availability of services and infrastructure, legal security against risks, and the promotion of social cohesion in order to consolidate access to the human right to adequate housing in Mexico.

After all being said, we believe that Jorge is a celebrated figure with an impressive reach among Mexican businessmen. Want to know more about him? You can find him on instagram as @jorge_torreslanda.

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