Joel Barrera was born on July 10, 1992 in Mexico, Monterrey Nuevo Leon. From a very young age he realized his great passion for beauty and thanks to his great tenacity, he now dedicates himself to doing what he loves the most. He is a stylist and also one of the best nationally and today the owner of one of the most recognized and prestigious salons in San Pedro Garza Garcia, which is named Joel Berrera Salon.

His great talent, effort, and dedication have given him great satisfaction, among many others, being the big winner of the LOREAL course, the style and color trophy nationally in Mexico City.

Being chosen to compete representing his city and also being a winner among so many talented people was something spectacular for Joel, as being at competition level and seeing himself on stage with so many people recognizing his talent was for him to have achieved the dream he undertook at 14 years of age to be recognized and valued and it was realizing that everything was worth it.

It was feeling that all the effort was worth it, that the journey he undertook at his 14 years old made sense. Of course, he felt scared, leaving his comfort zone confronts you with people who are equally or more talented, which can intimidate a little, but Joel was not going to let that stop him.

His main purpose was to inspire women to make color designs in order to enhance their beauty, he concentrated especially on giving light around the face, which resulted in spectacular results, and he ensures that it is «beauty at the moment».

Joel says; «You have to dare and trust in your talents and never stop dreaming, if you believe you deserve it, everything is possible. I would tell the 14-year-old Joel: keep dreaming and never give up because your dreams will become a reality».

Would you like to meet him? He is currently very active on his social media where you can appreciate his spectacular work, you can search for him on his Instagram account as @joelbarrera_salon.

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