Jean Baptiste, member of the night industry; He tells us news about the digital projects he is currently undertaking.

For those who don’t know him, JB is 31 years old, and he is the manager of 2 nightclubs in Corsica: SUNCLUB and LA_PLACE_AJACCIO.
Both places share characteristics as places of entertainment and party.

But he is not only recognized for running these clubs, but he is also the Co-creator of the @FINDY App.

A tour of FINDY

Breaking down a little about the gear of people behind this app, in the other head as creator is Antoine Casamatta, Twenty Menu was also devised by this team.
The development was in charge of Mathieu Pittiloni; graphic design by Célia Ledoux.

All this creation and union of ideas gives life to FINDY.

«Twenty -20 in English- is a nod to our department,» slides Jean-Baptiste Moretti.

The main axis of this mobile application is simple. It makes it easy for people to discover what gastronomic services have to offer.

The principle of this smartphone app is simple. Host establishments to allow people to discover what they have to offer.

«We wanted to facilitate the promotion of establishments by creating a social network for them. Twenty Menu combines the functionalities of several applications in one for bars, restaurants and cafeterias», explains Jean-Baptiste Moretti.

This platform developed a simple use in which businesses create their profile through which we can see photos of the establishment, menu, address and a lot of data to facilitate its use.
Apart from being easy, it also responds to the current global health context, for the most cautious profiles.


Gimme Chéri is the new concept that is emerging and is brought to us by JB, in a context of use for the kings of nightclubs in Corsica.
A new app that is still under construction, appears to shake the nocturnal digital world.

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