Iván Cancino is a criminal lawyer who has managed to stand out in the complicated Colombian accusatory criminal justice system, not only for his excellent handling of legal proceedings, but also for his ability to relate to the media and explain legal procedures in a clear and understandable way for everyone.

Cancino has devoted a large part of his career to defending people accused of crimes, but his work is not limited to representing his clients in court. He is also dedicated to teaching at the Faculty of Law of the Republican University in Bogotá, teaches General Criminal Law in the third semester at Sergio Arboleda University, and is a graduate professor at several universities in Colombia and abroad.

For Cancino, there are no clients but allies, which is why he carefully chooses the cases he wishes to defend. He thoroughly studies his clients and charges only what is fair and previously established, without pressuring or abusing them.

Cancino also stands out for his commitment to each case he defends. He understands that people accused of crimes have mental and emotional problems, and tirelessly fights to secure the freedom of his clients.

Cancino’s success is not only due to his ability to handle criminal cases, but also to his personal branding strategy. He knows how to interpret the public and thinks like a receiver, which allows him to measure every word and content he shares through his «VideoTwitts» on social media. This has allowed him to create his own informational agenda and even omit uncomfortable questions from the media.

In conclusion, Iván Cancino is a lawyer who makes a difference in the Colombian accusatory criminal justice system. His commitment, skill, and personal branding strategy have led him to stand out as one of the best in his field.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @ivancancinopersonal

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