Iván Cancino is a criminal defense lawyer who has gained notoriety in Colombia for his ability to communicate with the media and explain judicial processes in a clear and understandable way for everyone. Cancino knows exactly what each journalist needs to understand the processes without confusing a judge with a prosecutor or a suspect with a convicted criminal.

For Cancino, the relationship with the media is fundamental in the Colombian judicial system. He believes that half of the process is won in the courtroom, and the other half in the media. That is why he dedicates himself to explaining to journalists how the Colombian judicial system works, becoming a teacher to help them better understand the cases they cover.

In addition to his ability to relate to the media, Cancino is also known for his commitment to his clients. He does not see his clients as mere cases, but as allies whom he must help in their time of greatest need. That is why he dedicates himself to thoroughly studying each client’s case and tirelessly fighting for their freedom.

Cancino is also dedicated to teaching and lectures on General Criminal Law in the third semester at Sergio Arboleda University.

If you are interested in his work, you can find him on Instagram as @ivancancinopersonal.

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