We had the opportunity to talk with Yedidia, an Argentine singer who has conquered the world with his talent and charisma in the Jewish community. Currently based in Miami, Yedidia has established a successful career in music thanks to his ability and experience in events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Yedidia, tell us a little about your trajectory in music. What inspired you to pursue a career as a singer?

Since a young age, I was in contact with music thanks to my family, who has a long tradition of hazzans in the temple. At 19 years old, I decided to move to Israel to study and learn more about my cultural roots. There, I had the opportunity to sing at weddings and community events, which helped me gain experience and confidence in my ability to connect with the audience.

After establishing your career in Argentina and Israel, what led you to move to Miami?

I have always been a very restless person and I like to be constantly on the move. After living in Argentina and Israel for many years, I felt the need to explore new places and challenges. Miami is a vibrant and multicultural city, and I felt that here I could continue to develop as an artist.

You have sung at many major events throughout your career. What has been your most memorable experience so far?

Every event is special and has its own charm. However, the Coliseum in Buenos Aires was a very exciting moment for me. It was a great opportunity to perform in an iconic place and share my music with a very passionate audience.

You recently released your latest single, «Mi Deseo». What can you tell us about this song?

«Mi Deseo» is a song that speaks about the deepest desires of the heart, about those things that motivate us and make us move forward. It was a very exciting creative process for me, and I am very happy to have been able to share it with my audience.

What are your plans for the future?

My main goal is to continue growing as an artist and reach new audiences with my music. I would also like to explore new collaborations and musical projects that allow me to continue evolving as a singer.

Thank you, Yedidia, for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you much success in your career.

You can follow Yedidia on Instagram as @yedidiajaiatofficial.

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