Interviewer: Hi Jorge, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. First, can you tell us a bit about your work experience and how it led you to become a successful entrepreneur?

Jorge: Sure, my pleasure. I’ve worked in various areas for over 24 years, but my specialty is management, customer service, management measurement, marketing, and direct sales. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for companies like Amway and Google, which allowed me to acquire efficient, results-oriented skills and processes.

In the process of working in sales and marketing, I also developed excellent communication and teamwork skills, which have helped me lead and motivate teams to achieve great results. Additionally, I have a great handling of computer tools and I am fluent in English, which has allowed me to be a facilitator in areas such as motivation, leadership, customer service, service quality, digital marketing, business, and personal finance.

After many years in the corporate world, I decided to become an entrepreneur about 3 years ago. I was appointed CEO of three companies: GFB marketing solutions, World Insurance LLC, and Top Sales LLC. With these companies, I’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses develop their billing, marketing, sales, and process automation areas, among other things. I’ve also been working on the formation of high-performance sellers and sales team management for direct sales companies.

Interviewer: Impressive! How do you balance your responsibilities as CEO of three different companies?

Jorge: Well, I make sure to have a strong team in each of the companies and delegate tasks when necessary. I make sure to have good communication and coordination between the different companies. Additionally, I try to be very efficient with my time and plan my day to be able to attend to all the responsibilities I have.

Interviewer: What has led you to use social media to share your knowledge and help others?

Jorge: Well, after so many years of working in different areas and acquiring so much knowledge, I felt it was important to share it with others. Social media gives me the opportunity to reach many people for free and to be able to share what I’ve learned.

Additionally, as an entrepreneur, I understand the difficulties that many small and medium-sized businesses face, and if I can help them through social media, I’m happy to do it.

Interviewer: How has your experience as an entrepreneur been? What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Jorge: Like any entrepreneur, I’ve faced many challenges. Some of the biggest challenges have been time management, balancing my personal and professional life, and the constant need to innovate and adapt to market changes.

But it’s also been a rewarding experience. I love the freedom of owning my own business and being able to make strategic decisions that can have a positive impact on the companies and the people I work with.

Interviewer: Jorge, thank you so much for coming, it’s been truly an honor to have you here.

Jorge: Thank you for this opportunity, and to young entrepreneurs I would just say that with hard work and dedication they will achieve everything they set out to do.

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