Journalist: Jomar, thank you so much for speaking with us today. We wanted to talk about your participation in Fboy Island. How was the experience for you?

Jomar Josué Pérez: Thank you! It was an incredible experience, definitely something I had never done before. It was a little crazy, but it was a lot of fun.

Journalist: Tell us a little about the selection process for the show.

Jomar Josué Pérez: Well, the process was quite long. There were nine stages of interviews in which the producers were looking to get to know our personalities and details about our love lives to determine if we were FBoys or Nice Guys. It was a little intimidating, but in the end, everything turned out well.

Journalist: How did you feel being the only Spanish speaker on the show?

Jomar Josué Pérez: Well, at first I was a little worried about how I would communicate with the other participants. But once we got to the island, everything was very easy. Everyone was very kind and welcoming, and I had no problem communicating with them.

Journalist: In the third episode is when you started participating in the show. How was that first experience of arriving and finding yourself with all those people?

Jomar Josué Pérez: It was a bit overwhelming at first, but once I started talking to the other participants, I felt more comfortable. I think my personality helped a lot in that sense.

Journalist: How would you describe your personality and how did you realize that you would fit the FBoy mold?

Jomar Josué Pérez: I think I’m a very outgoing and fun person. I like to have a good time and don’t take things too seriously. I think that’s what helped me fit the FBoy mold.

Journalist: How has this experience changed your career as a model and athlete?

Jomar Josué Pérez: Well, it has definitely given me a lot more visibility. Since the series started, I have received many more job requests in the entertainment field, which is exciting for me.

Journalist: What are your plans for the future?

Jomar Josué Pérez: I would like to continue working in the entertainment and modeling world, and I would also like to start exploring acting. I think I have a lot to offer and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.

Journalist: Sounds exciting! Well, Jomar, thank you so much for speaking with us today. We wish you all the best in your future projects.

Jomar Josué Pérez: Thank you, it’s been a pleasure!

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