Journalist: Gabriel, thank you so much for granting us this interview! Could you tell us a little more about your beginnings in motocross and enduro? How did you become successful in these disciplines?

Gabriel Higareda Amezcua: Of course, it was something that came naturally. Since I was a child, I liked motorcycles and always wanted to try competing. I started in motocross and gradually stood out in the discipline, winning regional championships. Then I switched to enduro, where I became national champion in 2009.

J: Impressive. And after your career in motocross and enduro, how did you decide to dedicate yourself to boxing?

GHA: I have always liked boxing. It is a sport that requires a lot of discipline and dedication, and that attracts me. One day, I met César Vaca Espinosa, a young boxer with a lot of talent and potential, and decided to support him and become his promoter. Now he is one of Mexico’s best youth boxers, and we are working together to go further.

J: What does it mean for you to be the youngest promoter to lead a boxer to conquer the WBC Youth World Title?

GHA: It is a great achievement and an honor for me. I have always been very ambitious and want to reach the highest possible level in everything I do. Seeing César win the WBC Youth World Title was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. It is a pride for me to be his promoter and work together with him to keep growing his career.

J: Speaking of César, we know that he will soon travel to Tokyo to join undisputed world boxing champion Naoya Inoue’s training camp. What plans do you have for him in the future?

GHA: Yes, César will join Naoya Inoue’s training camp in Tokyo, which is a great opportunity for him to continue learning and growing as a boxer. My long-term goal is to make him an absolute world champion in one of the categories. To achieve this, we work very hard every day trying to improve in each training session and fight.

J: In addition to boxing, you are also co-founder of Grupo Empresarial Bio Capital. How do you combine your activities as a boxing promoter and sales director of the various companies that make up the group?

GHA: The truth is that it is something that I am passionate about. I like being always active and having different challenges. At Bio Capital we work on marketing luminaires and developing self-sustaining energy stored in lithium batteries which is an industry with great growth potential. I like being involved in different areas and contributing my experience and skills in each one of them.

J: Thank you very much for your time and for sharing your story with us, Gabriel! How can people interested in following your work contact or follow you on social media?

GHA: Thank you very much too! They can find me on Instagram as @gabbo_higareda.

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