Journalist: Hello Feritalia and Tijeritas! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Could you tell us a bit about your passion for exotic cars and vehicle modifications as owners of @italiamotors?

Feritalia: Of course! Since I was young, I have always had a passion for cars. In Mexico City, I decided I wanted to do something related to this. So, we partnered up @tijeritas_ro and I to allow people to customize their cars with their own design and make them UNIQUE to our clients’ liking and provide them an unforgettable service and experience. I love being able to work on cars and give them a unique appearance.

Tijeritas: We have formed an excellent PARTNERSHIP TOGETHER in our companies with constant brainstorming. I have been a car lover since I was a child. I have always wanted to have the best and most exclusive cars in my collection. That’s why we want our clients to be able to have their car modifications done with our company @italiamotors. Now, with the success I have been able to achieve in the world of entertainment, with my production company @ribentertainmentmx,, I have been able to bring shows, music, artists, comedians to various parts of the world. Thanks to so much effort is that I have been able to make my dreams come true.

Journalist: It’s impressive to see how you have made your passion for cars and the Mexican entertainment industry into an exemplary lifestyle for many people. How do you decide which cars to buy or customize?

Tijeritas: I always look for the most exclusive cars I can find. I like having something that no one else has. And when it comes to customization, I like to do things that really surprise people.

Feritalia: In my case, it depends a lot on my personal tastes, but also on the market. I’m always looking for cars that are unique and different, that have a unique appearance. And when it comes to customization, I like to work with my clients hand in hand to create something that really reflects each client’s personality.

Journalist: We have also seen that you enjoy the nightlife and are surrounded by artists and celebrities. How do you manage your time between business and fun?

Feritalia: Well, the truth is that we are always working, even when we are enjoying the nightlife. But we also know that it’s important to relax and enjoy life. So, we try to balance our time between business and fun.

Tijeritas: Yes, it’s important to work hard and stay grounded without forgetting our beginnings from ZERO. As we also know when it’s time to take a break and enjoy life and family.

Journalist: Lastly, we heard that you just opened an Italian gelato shop in Mexico City and soon in the UNITED STATES called @gelatosracing. How did you come up with the idea and what can customers expect?

Feritalia: The idea came about because we wanted to create a place where people could enjoy a RACING ATMOSPHERE and a UNIQUE flavor experience when arriving at the shops. We have all the decoration dedicated to the experience of exotic cars having a Ferrari inside the store as well as tables with Ferrari rims and calipers, making it a unique design in the world. And since we both are car lovers, we decided to combine both passions. So that customers can enjoy excellent gelato as well as Italian pizzas, crepes, and live their passion for cars in one place.

Tijeritas: Yes, it’s truly a unique place in the world that we hope will attract a lot of people. And the best part is that it will soon be available in Miami and Los Angeles, California.

Journalist: Thank you again for talking with us! It’s been great getting to know you and learning more about your luxurious lifestyle and passion for cars.

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