Journalist: Dr. Lopez, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Let’s start by asking, what inspired you to pursue facial plastic surgery?

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: Well, from a young age I always had a leaning towards both art and science, and I believe that facial plastic surgery combines both elements. I love being able to help people feel better about themselves by correcting their facial imperfections, and at the same time, facial plastic surgery requires artistic skills to achieve natural and harmonious results on the face.

Journalist: That sounds interesting. Could you share with us some details about your clinical practice and the philosophy you follow in your work?

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: Of course. At Nasus Rinoplastía and Facial Plastic Surgery, our philosophy is to provide our patients with personalized and careful attention, focusing on achieving natural and harmonious results. We focus on the patient’s well-being, both in terms of improving their appearance and overall health. We work with cutting-edge surgical techniques to ensure fast and effective recovery.

Journalist: What makes your clinical practice unique compared to others in Mexico?

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: I believe that our practice is unique because we focus exclusively on facial plastic surgery and rhinology, which allows us to specialize in these areas and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in techniques and technologies. In addition, we strive to provide a comfortable and personalized experience for our patients, from the initial consultation to post-operative recovery.

Journalist: We have also noticed that you have been recognized twice with the Doctoralia Awards as the best-rated otolaryngologist in Mexico in 2016 and 2018. How do you feel about receiving that type of recognition?

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: I feel very honored to receive those recognitions, as it is an indication that we are doing a good job in the care of our patients. I always strive to provide the best possible care and it is gratifying to know that our patients value it.

Journalist: In addition to your clinical practice, you also use social media to share your knowledge and educate your followers about facial plastic surgery. Could you tell us a little about that?

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: Yes, I think social media is a very valuable tool for educating people about facial plastic surgery. On my Instagram and TikTok page, I share educational information about different procedures, before and after photos of patients, and I also share some of my personal and humorous experiences. I think this helps me connect with my followers on a more personal level and demonstrate that facial plastic surgery does not have to be intimidating or inaccessible.

Journalist: Great professional and great person, thank you very much for your time David.

Dr. David Ignacio López Rivera: Thank you for this opportunity.

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