Cristóbal Engel is a therapist and bestselling author who has devoted his life to decoding the secrets of happiness and sharing them with the world. His personal journey, from pain to triumph, led him on a quest through 20 countries in search of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge scientific research on happiness. His Renacer Method is now considered one of the most effective approaches to treating depression and creating sustainable happiness.

Can you tell us about your personal journey and what led you to become a therapist and author?

My personal journey began when I experienced severe depression, paranoia, and anxiety. I knew I needed to find a way to heal, which led me to seek knowledge and answers all around the world. Through my travels and studies, I discovered the power of therapy and the importance of understanding the root causes of our emotional pain. I became a therapist and author because I wanted to help others who struggle with the same issues I faced.

How does your Renacer Method differ from other therapies for depression and anxiety?

The Renacer Method is unique because it goes to the root of the problem, identifying and addressing the deepest emotional pain a person has experienced. We work to release that pain and trauma to create true healing and lasting happiness. Other therapies may only treat the symptoms of depression or anxiety, but we focus on the underlying causes.

Can you share some success stories from your work with the Renacer Method?

I have worked with thousands of people from over 21 countries, and I have seen incredible transformations in their lives. I have seen individuals go from feeling hopeless and trapped in their pain to finding true happiness and purpose. It is beautiful to witness someone empower themselves and free themselves from the emotional burdens they have carried for so long.

You are also known for your work in helping people improve their relationship with money. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I believe our relationship with money is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves and our beliefs about abundance. I help people identify and overcome their limiting beliefs about money and create a more abundant life. It’s not just about financial success but about creating a sense of freedom and abundance in all areas of life.

What advice do you have for someone struggling with depression or anxiety?

My advice is to seek help and understand that healing is possible. Don’t let pain and suffering define you or limit your potential for happiness. The Renacer Method and other therapies can help you overcome depression and anxiety and create a joyful and fulfilling life.

What’s next for you and your work?

I will continue to share the Renacer Method and other tools for healing and happiness with as many people as possible. I am also working on new books and programs to help individuals transform their lives and create the happiness they deserve. There is always more to learn and discover, and I am excited to continue on this path of growth and transformation.

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