«Inteligencia artificial» is Cuatro’s new program that was created with a social purpose. The show, presented by Rubén Poveda («Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa», «¿Quién quiere casarse con mi hijo?») and Mar Segura («¡Mira quién salta!» and «Mujeres ricas») offers a wide range of products and services that will be presented in a «bulletin board». There will be room for buying, selling or renting objects, providing curious services and finding people with whom to share common hobbies.

As Mar Segura says in the presentation video: «Inteligencia artificial improves your life, because another better world is possible», while her partner Rubén adds: «it is a spectacular program, as you have never seen before». 

A space where you will find people who sell a mattress and therapeutic socks, a partner imitating Julio Iglesias or want to publicize their great invention such as the multipurpose belt.

In «Inteligencia artificial» everyone has a place and also all kinds of objects, so if you have one that you want to sell, stay tuned for its next premiere on Cuatro.

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