Q: Hello Giulia! Thank you so much for accepting this interview. I would like to start by asking about your experience at the hotel in Morocco. How was it working there and how did it influence your decision to venture into ecommerce?

Giulia Chilin: Hi! Thank you for the opportunity. Working at the hotel was a very enriching experience. I learned a lot about how a hotel operates and how the food and beverage department is managed. However, when the pandemic arrived, the situation became very difficult. Since I couldn’t go back to my country, I had to look for alternatives to generate income temporarily while waiting for the pandemic to pass. That’s when I started exploring different options and found the world of ecommerce.

Although my first experience as an ecommerce entrepreneur was not successful, it allowed me to acquire valuable knowledge and learn from my mistakes. After that experience, I decided to focus on offering my services as a virtual assistant for ecommerce stores, knowing that my skills could be useful for companies already operating in this field.

I gradually gained experience and created my own content on social media, which led me to create my course «Become a Virtual Assistant Program», to help other people start their careers as virtual assistants in ecommerce stores.

Q: It’s interesting how you found your way into the world of ecommerce. How would you describe your work as a virtual assistant for ecommerce stores?

Giulia Chilin: My work as a virtual assistant for ecommerce stores involves providing administrative and customer service support. I help companies maintain their daily online operations, which includes answering customer questions, processing purchase orders, updating product information, and keeping the online store up-to-date and functioning.

In addition, I work remotely, which allows me to have flexibility in my schedule and work with companies from different parts of the world. It’s a very rewarding job, as I feel that I am helping companies grow and succeed online.

Q: Let’s talk about your social media and your «Become a Virtual Assistant Program» course. How did you realize there was an interest in this topic and how has your experience been creating educational content online?

Giulia Chilin: I realized there was an interest in this topic when I started sharing my experience on TikTok. At that time, I was surprised to see that there wasn’t much information available about how to work as a virtual assistant for ecommerce stores, and I felt that I had a responsibility to share my knowledge and experience with other people who might be interested in this work.

Since then, I have created educational content online on different platforms, including my blog, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. The experience has been very rewarding, as I have been able to connect with many people who are interested in this topic and help them start their careers as virtual assistants in ecommerce stores.

In addition, I created my «Become a Virtual Assistant Program» course to provide a more detailed guide to people interested. Many people have taken the course and have been able to get jobs as virtual assistants for ecommerce stores. I feel very happy and grateful to be able to help other people get a remote job and teach them the skills necessary to succeed in the world of ecommerce.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to work as a virtual assistant for ecommerce stores?

Giulia Chilin: My advice would be to focus on learning everything you can about ecommerce and not be afraid to experiment and fail. Learning from mistakes is an important part of the growth and development process in any field. Additionally, it’s important to be patient and persevere because it can take time to find work as a virtual assistant. But if you dedicate yourself to learning and improving your skills, you can definitely land a remote job in the world of ecommerce.

Q: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice with us, Giulia. You are a great example of how entrepreneurship and resilience can help us achieve all of our goals.

Giulia Chilin: Thank you for the opportunity.

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