Héctor del Norte is a Mexican singer, musician, producer, and composer originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Despite having a successful music career, Héctor does not focus on composing corridos for drug lords or famous people, but for ordinary people.

His first viral corrido was «El Gringo,» inspired by stories told to him by two Puebla-born chef friends in the United States. This corrido became very popular on social media and was the gateway for Héctor to start composing corridos about the stories of everyday people.

Héctor has come across comments that make him believe that people have a mistaken concept of success, because there is a lack of stories about migrants, parents, or rural people who fight for their dreams with hard work. «Are people who do things against the law the only successful ones?» he emphasizes. «There are also people who had nothing, went to the United States, and started working in construction or as dishwashers, and they were able to give their families a better life. Those people are also ‘successful,’ which is why I started writing about their stories.»

Currently, Héctor lives in Poland and plays and sings on the streets. He donates all the money he earns to Ukrainian refugees who had to migrate to Poland due to the war. Héctor has found a way to help others through his music and talent.

Héctor del Norte is an example of how music can be used to tell stories and make a positive difference in people’s lives. With his focus on everyday people, Héctor is helping to change the way society perceives success and the importance of the stories of hardworking people.

If you are interested in learning more about his work, you can find him on Instagram as @hectordelnortemx.

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