Plastic surgery is a subject that has always generated mixed opinions, from those who see it as a tool to improve self-esteem to those who criticize it for promoting superficiality. However, for Nathaly Bello, an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, plastic surgery is an elegant way to imitate the most beautiful forms of nature and improve the morphology of the body, always putting health first.

Dr. Bello graduated from the Central Eastern University in 2009 and completed her medical training in multiple countries. Later, she specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Venezuela, at the Carlos J. Bello Hospital (Venezuelan Red Cross) and has numerous awards and recognitions for her exceptional work as a resident physician.

Nathaly has completed specialized courses in 3D high definition LIPO in Bogotá, Colombia and has performed a catastrophic abdominal surgery in the same country. The reputation and skill of Dr. Bello has led her to work with renowned celebrities, such as Yailin, Anuel’s ex-fiancée, whom she performed a liposculpture on, highlighting the abdominal demarcation and defining the waist and hips much more.

In addition, the doctor is a member of the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and her focus is on ensuring that her patients are satisfied with the results, but always prioritizing their health and maintaining natural beauty. For Dr. Bello, plastic surgery is a way to improve self-esteem and confidence, but the patient’s overall well-being is always the priority.

In conclusion, Nathaly Bello is a highly prestigious aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic. Her commitment to ethics and the skills acquired throughout her academic formation and work experience make her a highly reliable and respected professional in her field.

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