Harding Junior Edme is a young 41-year-old actor who has known how to overcome life’s challenges, has experienced important losses, has known how to take advantage of opportunities, and maintains a positive spirit that spreads to his colleagues and friends, as well as a compassionate and grateful heart that he longs to add his bit or grain of sand for the construction of a better society and a more prosperous country.

From an early age, he was introduced to the stage and participated in several projects, but it was not until the age of 21 that he realized that acting was his passion and that he wanted to dedicate his whole life to it. A decision that changed his life and represented the greatest challenge he had ever faced.

As with any entrepreneur, preparation has been a constant in Harding’s life. He is an actor who speaks 4 languages and his resume includes professional studies in cinematography. production, and acting. In his career he has participated in theater, film, and television, he is also a producer of short films.

Harding has also adapted to the change that digital media have undergone. He has known how to manage his talent and career well but, even though he knows how to hold on to the roles of the different production formats, he enjoys making movies and television series more. In addition to this, the young actor is active on social media, knows how to be at the forefront, and is open to experimenting and learning about the styles of new generations.

Regarding his professional path, Harding participated in the biographical series of Julio Cesar Chávez, «El Cesar», where he gave life to the Puerto Rican boxer, Edwin Rosario. At the same time, he worked on several series that are available for live streaming on Netflix and Amazon, such as, «La casa de las Flores”, «La venganza de las Juanas”. «La costa Mosquito» and «Ana”.

At the same time, the actor of Haitian origin filmed the independent film, «Cancuncito, for an entire month in the state of Veracruz, putting the finishing touch to what he defined as the best year of his career. A year that found him taking part in one of his first leading film roles.

His latest project was, «Alina Of Cuba», which is the name of the film that tells the life of Alina Fernandez Revuelta, the extramarital daughter of Fidel Castro. This production is filmed in Colombia under the direction of the Spanish director, Miguel Bardem, stars actor James Franco as Fidel Castro and Argentine actress, Mia Maestro, as Alina’s mother. Harding has several projects underway, with his participation in a couple of series and films, highlighting not only their quality in terms of production but also the fact that more and more characters have been offered to him, far from stereotypes and the one-dimensional.

“So that this comes together is very good, that these characters are already coming to me that, in my case, I have had a lot of restraint due to the stereotype, and it is no longer happening, on the contrary. Inclusion is helping a lot in projects, in stories, producers and writers are already committed to having a diversity of races and ethnicities in their products, and that makes national projects more international. We are addressing a global audience and that has helped my career a lot. There is that model. but it is not real life”, continued the actor, “we live in a world that is increasingly open, more diverse. Love is branching out and transforming in a certain way that we cannot avoid, we see it there and it is accepting it as it is. The internet and the other platforms have made this progress and I am very pleased,» he confessed excitedly.

His talent and experience are taking him through levels that allow us to predict greater successes and achievements in the coming years. Would you like to know about his work? You can find him on Instagram as @harding.junior.

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