Gonzalo Arana Ortiz is a professional tattoo artist from Cantabria, Spain who has made a name for himself in the tattoo world through his talent and dedication. At 30 years old, Gonzalo has been professionally tattooing since he was 17, and his career has taken him to collaborate in tattoo studios in cities such as London, Cork, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and Marbella.

Specializing in large-scale pieces and realistic tattoos, Gonzalo has created customized designs for his clients and has won several tattoo awards at international conventions such as those in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence, and Paris. Additionally, Gonzalo has been invited to be part of the jury at several international conventions.

One of Gonzalo’s most notable experiences was his participation in the event organized by Fox in Callao (Madrid) to promote the series «Prison Break», where Gonzalo tattooed in a glass tank in the middle of Callao Square so that people could observe his work live.

Gonzalo has created his own style characterized by colorful realism with surprising touches of fantasy themes. His trajectory in the world of art and tattooing has led him to gain experience and be influenced by his numerous travels throughout Europe and his collaboration in different studios.

With a waiting list of almost a year to get a tattoo from him, Gonzalo teaches specialization courses in realism for other tattoo artists who want to learn his technique and creativity. Undoubtedly, Gonzalo Arana Ortiz is one of the most outstanding tattoo artists in northern Spain, and his talent has led him to conquer the world of tattooing.

If you want to know more about his work, you can find him on Instagram as @gonzaloarana_art.

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